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03/21/2019ARK: Survival Evolved310 Minutes290
03/20/2019Tom Clancy's The Division 2940 Minutes290
03/19/2019Astroneer920 Minutes290
03/18/2019Overwatch870 Minutes290
03/17/2019World of Tanks530 Minutes290
03/16/2019Overwatch360 Minutes290
03/15/2019Tom Clancy's The Division 2690 Minutes290
03/14/2019Astroneer910 Minutes290
03/13/2019Tom Clancy's The Division 2930 Minutes290
03/12/2019Astroneer930 Minutes290
03/11/2019MapleStory 2740 Minutes290
03/10/2019Tree of Savior580 Minutes290
03/09/2019Talk Show430 Minutes290
03/08/2019Astroneer390 Minutes290
03/07/2019Astroneer860 Minutes290
03/06/2019Astroneer1000 Minutes290
03/05/2019Astroneer960 Minutes290
03/04/2019Talk Show810 Minutes290
03/03/2019World of Tanks Blitz630 Minutes290
03/02/2019Aura Kingdom620 Minutes290
03/01/2019Battlefield V640 Minutes290
02/28/2019Talk Show830 Minutes290
02/27/2019League of Legends940 Minutes290
02/26/2019Anthem830 Minutes290
02/25/2019Jump Force780 Minutes290
02/24/2019Anthem450 Minutes290
02/23/2019Anthem580 Minutes290
02/22/2019Anthem630 Minutes290
02/21/2019Anthem890 Minutes290
02/20/2019Anthem990 Minutes290
02/19/2019Talk Show550 Minutes290

Games Played

GameMinutes Streamed
Talk Show3850
League of Legends3660
Apex Legends1490
Tom Clancy's The Division 2740
Tree of Savior630
World of Tanks Blitz450
Minecraft: Java Edition320
Aura Kingdom320
Dark Souls Remastered270
Dota 2210
Jump Force210
Rayman: Legends210
ARK: Survival Evolved200
Fernbus Coach Simulator170
Team Fortress 2160
World of Tanks160
Resident Evil 2 (2019)130
Tropico 5120
Grand Theft Auto V120
Battlefield V100
Making Music80
Star Wars: The Old Republic80
FIFA 1980
The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ 70
Gang Beasts70
The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare60
Slime Rancher60
Aura Kingdom Mobile50
Duck Game50
MapleStory 230