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03/21/2019Fortnite170 Minutes290
03/20/2019Fortnite190 Minutes290
03/19/2019Fortnite340 Minutes290
03/18/2019Fortnite360 Minutes290
03/17/2019Garry's Mod370 Minutes290
03/16/2019IRL180 Minutes290
03/15/2019Fortnite120 Minutes290
03/14/2019IRL330 Minutes290
03/13/2019Garry's Mod310 Minutes290
03/12/2019IRL340 Minutes290
03/11/2019Pummel Party390 Minutes290
03/10/2019Devil May Cry 5330 Minutes290
03/09/2019Devil May Cry 5490 Minutes290
03/08/2019Garry's Mod340 Minutes290
03/07/2019Garry's Mod360 Minutes290
03/06/2019Garry's Mod320 Minutes290
03/05/2019Garry's Mod360 Minutes290
03/04/2019UNO360 Minutes290
03/03/2019Garry's Mod280 Minutes290
03/02/2019IRL240 Minutes290
03/01/2019Golf With Your Friends110 Minutes290
02/28/2019IRL360 Minutes290
02/27/2019Garry's Mod410 Minutes290
02/26/2019Duck Game310 Minutes290
02/25/2019IRL290 Minutes290
02/24/2019Garry's Mod100 Minutes290
02/23/2019Pacify350 Minutes290
02/22/2019Garry's Mod360 Minutes290
02/21/2019UNO350 Minutes290
02/20/2019Golf With Your Friends360 Minutes290
02/19/2019IRL240 Minutes290

Games Played

GameMinutes Streamed
Garry's Mod1880
Apex Legends1250
Devil May Cry 5760
Pummel Party290
Web Show210
Golf With Your Friends200
Party Panic120
Duck Game100
Stick Fight: The Game50
Ben And Ed Blood Party40
Business Tour40
Left 4 Dead 230